Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

It might almost be the end of the year, but pattern hunting stops for nobody. Maybe you will see patterns on wrapping paper or in the sand at the beach, so keep looking out for all the everyday crystallography around you over summer and watch this space for the exciting activities we have planned for next year.

From pattern spotting to pattern making we have had such a great year with you all. Take a look back at all the patterns that were made and found by this awesome community via the button below.

From the BYP team, we wish you a happy holiday season with your loved ones and look forward to bringing you more pattern filled joy next year.

Patterns of 2023

Making Crystallography Crystal Clear

We’re bringing you the second instalment of our Making Crystallography Crystal Clear Educational Video Series, this time we’re delving into gold and diamonds. 

 Watch our videos below for a #CrystallographyClear understanding 💎 🎥

What Is Crystallography?
What do crystallographers do?

Tweets of the Week

An interesting #braggyourpattern at the swimming pool today.

3D printable NASA fabric #BraggYourPattern

I'm slightly over 11 years old now #BraggYourPattern#C60

@GeorgopoulouMESpotted a cool pattern at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, today! #BraggYourPattern

a light show #BraggYourPattern!

Symmetry is nature's artwork - part 2 
@Caenlamer @CalvadosDep   

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