Introducing Crystal - A - Con 💎

Why is grass green? And blood red? Or why is diamond stronger than pencil lead – but made from the same atoms?  The answer to these all can be revealed with Crystallography – not a subject from Hogwarts but a real-life science about finding atoms!  We are busy organising a unique educational experience, Crystal-A-Con, for you and your students to explore and explain all about this marvellous science. 

Our interactive exhibit will be FREE to attend and held at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre in August 2023.

We are planning seven stations of activities for all ages to get involved in – from building a GIANT diamond structure, to becoming a material detective. Students will get a ‘Crystal Passport’ so they can seek stamps from each of the stations. A fun filled and educational experience guaranteed. 

This will be a great half-day outing in Melbourne CBD and particularly great for children from grade 5 through to year 8 - booking for school groups will be essential.

Teachers and parents, register your interest today and book this into your school calendar!

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Making Crystallography Crystal Clear

Do you have a favourite crystal? Because we do!
Check what these are and why below.

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